Monday, April 19, 2010

I live in a world where this is real

Grindhouse was a disaster at the box office but it was a gloriously entertaining disaster to watch. I loved it, personally. I still find Planet Terror to be superior to Deathproof, despite the former being directed by a bandanna addict and the latter being directed by the most talented foot fetishist ever. Everyone agrees that the best part of the film was the trailers, which have actually spawned an entire movie, Machete (which opens September 3), and prompted a separate trailer contest. One of the trailers made for that contest, which is TOTALLY NSFW but I include below, is for Hobo With a Shotgun.

You know it's love at first sight when you name your project Hobo with a Shotgun, if only because we so rarely use the beautiful word "hobo" anymore. Speaking of rarely used, AICN says Rutger Hauer has been cast in the full-length adaptation of this fake trailer. I for one am glad. Not just because a little more Rutger Hauer never hurt anybody, but because we live in a world where movies are literally being made in reverse. We're making movies based on fake trailers...and they're more original than 90% of movies out there. I don't know if I was sleeping when we went through the looking glass, but I love it.

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