Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mendes loses wife, movie

Two things: (1) You know it's a slow news week when most of my items are about news that isn't happening. (2) Despite my callous headline for this post, I do not want you to feel sorry for the rich, rich, rich Sam Mendes, who has an Academy Award, is going to direct the next Bond movie, and got to have the marital relations with the following lady for the last several years:
'Tis far better to have met, procreated with, and lost Kate Winslet than to simply have coveted her from afar. Not that I know anything about the first two parts of that sentence (I do know a looooot about the last one, though). Anyhoodle, news came down the pipe within the last day or so that Mendes has been taken off the adaptation of the brilliant comic "Preacher" due to his Bond contract (or, ahem, Bond bond). That's fine. I'm doubtful of the man's ability to deliver the slam-bang ending to the new 007 trilogy (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease don't suck), so you know I'm highly skeptical of his ability to make a compelling feature out of what may be my favorite finite comic book series ever. If you haven't read "Preacher," you're not only missing out on a little slice of brilliance, but I now respect you less (and before, I already had my doubts). Now, Devin from Chud.com hates the idea of an adaptation, stating that he thinks it's inevitable that it will get FUBARed. He may be right. Then again, he's also a curmudgeonly bastard who yesterday posted a hateful screed against "He-Man" and then publicly flogged anyone who defended it. He's never been the most generous person towards dissenting opinions (subscribing to the Rush Limbaugh ideology of "there's my opinion and there's go f**k yourself"). Still, the ardent defender of Godzilla and Tron just blasted the merits of He-Man, that's hilarious. Apparently, the only good nerd material is the kind that Devin already had some attachment to. I know this is side rant, but the man has been irking me lately. And I don't irk easily. He's normally bitchy, but lately he's just been hateful towards innocent things (we all bash Twilight, but clubbing Steve Carell...uncool). So, no surprise, I find myself once more in disagreement with the chubby, hairy, angry, angry, angry guy. I think an adaptation of "Preacher" could work. Obviously the best choice is to have it be an ongoing series on HBO, but there is a way to do a cool, R-rated movie that follows the first story arc of the comic. I won't get into it here, but I hope that "Preacher" does get made into something. It's fallen out of the collective consciousness and that's a shame because it kicks so much filthy, filthy ass.

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