Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No "Lost" today, what could substitute? Turtles?

I know that nothing will salve the wound in your heart left by the absence of "Lost" this week. I have no idea why they're doing this to us, other than to make us so rabid for the remaining episodes as to be a danger to ourselves and others. Seriously, I just punched the mailman because he said "See you later" and it sounded like "Sawyer" and I yelled "YOU BASTARD WHY WOULD YOU REMIND ME?" I shouldn't tell people about that. Anyhoodle, I'll be back tomorrow with a fancy new post on some percolating theories and speculations to this point in the season. It will be kind of like a time out in football at the two minute warning. Man, there's a football reference that reminds me that there's still something like 17 weeks before the NFL season actually begins. WHY DOES GOD HATE ME LIKE THIS?!

The following is not going to make ME feel any better about the above (especially about the mailman, he hasn't moved in like an hour). It will, however, make someone I know trip balls (that's the legal, medical term).
This image is from LatinoReview. It's also more than likely NOT real. This is a shame, because they are, in fact, making a live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and this would be a great look for them. The plan as it stands now is to make live suits and then CGI the face a bit, which is what made Where the Wild Things look so great. Since this image was posted on the 'net, a bunch of people have come forth saying that it's a student project. I don't really care. I didn't ever think this was real, I just thought that people should see it and see the reaction to it so that the studio can possibly gauge our reactions. I give this a solid A grade for coolness. What say you?

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Anonymous Anonymous El Segundo said...

YO, ima let you know right now... This will likely not make the film, but the more we talk about it the better... a smooth transition away fro my Lost sorrows...

April 27, 2010  

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