Monday, April 26, 2010

Woody revealed!

Because I grew up shortly after his biggest accomplishments, I've always been quasi-ambivalent to the recent work of Woody Allen. Then he cast Scarlett Johansson as a horny tramp in Match Point, and suddenly I had renewed interest in the auteur. All joking aside, I get the appeal but other than his classic material, he hasn't hit a home run with me personally in a long time. How to remedy this problem (which I know keeps Woody Allen up all night thinking "How? How do I please Ryan Syrek?"): You cast a group of talented hotties. We knew for awhile that Allen was shooting in Paris, but we didn't know the title of the film, a plot, or the full cast. Well, Yahtzee. We now know all three. It's called Midnight in Paris (am I the only one that makes a mental joke about Paris Hilton's sex tape every time a movie title ends with "in Paris?" Yes? Okay then). It's about a family that travels to, um, Paris; a young engaged couple is among them, and they confront the classic temptations of those about to get married. Allen says in a press release, “the film celebrates a young man’s great love for Paris, and simultaneously explores the illusion people have that a life different from their own is better.” Interesting. More interesting than this? The cast. Get ready for a full-blown hottie attack:
Owen Wilson (And hopefully this hat)
Marion Cotillard (Whose accent will finally fit)
Rachel McAdams (Who can do anything she wants at all times)
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (The first lady of France?!?!?!)
Kathy Bates (What? She's hottttttt, right?)

Obviously, they had me at McAdams, who I can only hope plays the trashy love interest but likely plays the sweet, well-intentioned engaged lady. Sigh.

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Blogger Aaron D said...

I for one am hoping for more Kathy Bates nude scenes ala About Schmidt. For me it was a coming of age moment. I think most people remember where they were when they saw that scene the same way they remember what was happening when Kennedy was shot or Arrested Development was canceled.

April 26, 2010  

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