Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big day for me

I have no independent sources. I have no people on the "inside"...or the outside for that matter. The only leak I've ever been privy to involved my shower and when someone uses the term to describe what they're about to "take" in the bathroom. So although it may not be a big deal to anybody else, the fact that I broke movie news this week is about the most exciting friggin' thing I've ever experienced.

It started like this: I received an email with the new Green Lantern plot synopsis (revealing a new main bad guy). I posted this article. As you can see, the open-minded, kind souls on the Internet universally accepted this information...which is to say that my friends were nice and strangers seemed to insinuate that I needed to stop huffing polyurethane. But Pietro over at was far more kind and willing to show me the kindness of "pulling an anti-Fox News"...meaning he was willing to actually check my info for accuracy. Turns out, I was right! Pietro then did the nicest thing and credited me with the info and gave me some great encouragement for this little ole blog. Then came the big moment for me....Slashfilm picked up on the story. So in one week, I went from "dork who overuses variations of the word douche too much" to "dork who overuses variations of the word douche too much and lies about Green Lantern" to "dork who overuses variations of the word douche too much and told THE TRUTH about Green Lantern!"

Look, it's the little things, folks. I don't anticipate getting rich from this gig. I'm just a guy who loves movies and loves talking and writing about movies. Thus, this is pretty much the tops for me right now, as a great genre-movie-site (CBM) and one of the biggest movie blogs in the world just covered a story I got to first. Good day, people...good day.
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