Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't wonder why you lust for this...

When you hear David Wain's name, you probably think of Wet Hot American Summer or Role Models. Actually, you probably think of nothing. Well, maybe you just think his last name sounds like Elmer Fudd saying "Rain." But when I think of David Wain (and his buddy Ken Marino), I think of "The State," a sketch comedy show from the 1990s that is the second most perfect sketch comedy show in history (next to only "Mr. Show"). People I love who didn't watch the show when it was on originally have mocked it when I tried to show it to them. They are so, so wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. It's hilarious to the Nth degree.

See, that's funny. That's also not David Wain or Ken Marino, so maybe this is a bad example. Look, point is that Judd Apatow knows from funny and he knows these guys. So he's producing Wanderlust, which is written by Wain and Marino alongside Paul Rudd. Paul Rudd who recently made this:

See, that's funny. Thus, you should trust me that this movie, which is about a married couple that goes to a hippie commune to shake up their lives. The husband is the dreamy/funny Rudd, and his lady is Jennifer Aniston, who I really don't like all that much. Still, "The State" + Paul Rudd - Jennifer Aniston = Me likey.

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