Friday, May 28, 2010

Drew Pearce is born to run

A few years ago, I saw a trailer for a British comedy show called "No Heroics," which looked as hilarious as Ashton Kutcher's serious face. Then I never heard about the project again, partially because I do not live in England. Here's what it looked like.

Whenever the bizarre embargo against America by the British DVD makers ends, I will rent it and laugh. I mention all of this because it seems like the guy who wrote that is perfect to adapt The Runaways, Brian K Vaughn's comic book about a bunch of superpowered, well-intentioned teenagers who are the sons and daughters of supervillains. So, it's a good thing Deadline says that's exactly what is happening. Personally, I'd just let Vaughn do it. He wrote a few of my favorite episodes of "Lost," so he has screenwriting chops, and nobody will know better how to serve the story than the guy who invented the characters. But you know what, it's Friday on a three-day weekend, so I ain't gonna be naysaying and pissy (that sounds like a pricey bar drink, "I'll have a naysaying and pissy"). I'm just happy that the movie is happening at all, and if someone else has to do something, I'm glad it's someone who seems to get the more human side of superpeoples.

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