Friday, May 7, 2010

I heart Kristen Wiig

Hopefully, by this time next month, we're talking about how Kristen Wiig is going to be a big movie star. She's been doing the yeoman's work on "SNL" for years now, doing everything from thankless bit roles to carrying the whole damn show on her back. She's funny, she's clever, she's hot.
Seriously, hot, funny women who can write as well as she can shouldn't be forced to be supporting characters in Katherine Heigl and Drew Barrymore movies. That's beneath them. Anyway, I know it's not like she's not famous, but she deserves to be a movie star. I hope she's taking steps in that direction with her next flick, Clown Girl. Deadline says she picked up the rights to it with intent to develop it as a starring vehicle. Also, it's batshit insane. It's about a girl who plays "Sniffles the clown" who gets involved in a darkly comedic world of clown fetishists and nonsense. It sounds spectacularly hilarious and has the potential to be the funniest thing that happened to clowns since Bobcat Goldthwaite did his thing back in the day with Shakes. Wiig has had some supporting roles before, but she deserves better. I'm not saying I wouldn't miss her on "SNL," but she's just about run her main characters into the ground and I'm ready for some new, fresh blood. Doesn't it just feel like we're in for a transition to the next "great" "SNL" cast? That's really a post for a different day, but with Betty White and Jay-Z tag-teaming our sense of reality this weekend, it's been on my mind.

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