Friday, May 14, 2010

I see your Burke and I raise you a Hare

Just so we're clear, I think Simon Pegg is a comedy God. I watched all of Hot Fuzz again the other day. Still brilliant. I adore Shaun of the Dead, loved him in Star Trek, and went to see Run Fatboy Run in the theater because of him. So when I heard that this movie was coming, I got pumped.

This was (as you can see) taken by and shows the first look at Pegg in his new role...for director John Landis. Landis hasn't made a movie in more than a decade. This is only exciting because he did some pretty good An American Werewolf in London, The Blues Brothers, and Coming to America. He's a comedy god. What's funny is that this comedy is about two real-life Irish murderers who killed 17 people. Hmmm, sounds HILARIOUS! Pegg stars with Gollum (who I'm told is actually a person named Andy Serkis), Tim Curry, Jessica Hynes (yay for "Spaced"), Tom Wilkinson, and most importantly Isla Fisher, who is just love-er-ly. I don't know how you make a comedy about real-life murderers, but I also don't know how someone looked at Tom Arnold and said "yep, I'll marry that." I do know that Pegg and Landis are so awesome that I'm totally pumped to see this. If it captures on either of their best work, we're in for a hilarious bout of based-on-a-true-story murder spree. Suck on that, Nancy Grace. Actually, such on anything, Nancy Grace...preferably if it's sharp.

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