Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old droopy eyes and old jowly

Martin Scorsese could walk into a room, tell me with all seriousness that he's about to make a big-screen version of According to Jim starring Alanis Morisette as Jim, and I would be totally pumped to see it. So, despite my reservations, I'm definitely intrigued by the news that The Eyebrows says that he wants Bobby DeNiro and Al "Droopy Dog" Pacino to be Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, respectively. Sure, the last time that these two were relevant the Internet was but a gleam in Al Gore's eye. If Marty says they can do it, they can do it (I guess). Would it make me feel better if they looked like this:
Instead of this:
Yeah, yeah it would. Then again, as much as I have reverence for Sinatra and Martin, it's more of a concept than a personal alignment with them. I'm now wondering who that group of singer/famous people are going to be that define my life. Am I going to one day be watching a biopic on Eminem and Dre? That'd be fun. Anyhoodle, they're likely going to have to go with a "golden years" take on it, because there is only so much magic that CGI, latex, makeup, wishes, and willpower can achieve.

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