Monday, May 17, 2010

Unlike "Lost," I give you answers

If you don't remember, and it's okay I talk a lot, I told you back in the day about the super-secret Wachowski project. As a refresher, Arianna Huffington and Jesse Ventura admitted in various interviews to having shot scenes for the Wachowskis, even though nobody had a clue what the project was. We were told by both weird-speaking political folks that the film had something to do with the Iraq war, but that it was from a "future perspective" somehow. The whole thing sounded weird and impossible, then we saw proof.

That's Huffington wearing a weird hair thing with the Wachowskis on either side. I was taken aback and obsessed with the prospect of this, as I really like the ideas in the brains of this directing duo. Well, mystery solved at least in part, as the siblings are shopping the project around semi-officially right now. Deadline is reporting that the film is a "hard R" drama about a homosexual relationship between a US soldier and an Iraqi set in the near future. This doesn't exactly reconcile with Ventura's description of shooting a scene with dreadlocks and a third eye (yes, really). It does, however, sound promising. I know that we think The Matrix when we think of the Wachowskis, but I'm really curious to see what they could do with something more "direct" if you will. I think that Speed Racer was a dizzying but interesting experiment, and I long to see them make something again...especially something this compelling. I'm not going to climb back up on my soapbox too long, but I can't let it go by without mentioning how important it is to have popular culture reflect homosexual relationships. I would like it even more if this movie weren't about the gay relationship but simply included it as a major plot point, if that makes sense. I can't wait for the day when a gay relationship can just be "part" of a major movie and not the entire movie itself. Until then, I'll just be thrilled that this project continues to develop. I am pumped.

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