Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An animated yay and an animated boo

Let's start with the bad news: The Lion King is getting converted to 3D. Yes, that's right, the overrated...I MEAN...beloved Disney film is going to be shoved into the tight-fitting dress that is 3D in order to bilk more unsuspecting movie-going Johns into having one more dirty go at it. In case you couldn't tell, I am not a fan of this idea, as having that dumb bird thing fly at my face during a scene or two isn't going to make the film any better. The music is great in this film, it was the real selling point, and unless somehow Elton John is getting 3D-ified somehow too, there's no need for this. The story itself is lame, admit it, and dressing it up further is just shameful. I know that for many, The Lion King is way high on their list of childhood favorites. That's cool. I saw it when I knew better, so I only listened to the bitchin' tunes and wondered how they got away with making a mentally challenged hyena.

Okay, now the good news: It sounds like the Roger Rabbit sequel is really still least in some form. The quote from the producer when asked about the sequel was that he couldn't confirm anything, but soon fans would be happy. Now, that could technically mean that they're about to unveil a line of canned rabbit stew in Wal-mart called "Who Maimed Roger Rabbit?" But I'm going to hold out hope that they're going to use the major advances in animation and effects to create an awesome return to a world I loved as a child (as opposed to the brain-damaged hyena movie). Combine this with news that they are working HARD to relaunch The Looney Toons, and I think you may be seeing Roger in some form quite soon indeed. That's great news for people like me and people who don't realize that Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon, even when she's played by Jessica Biel (as below). Hell, maybe she's even more of a cartoon when played by Biel. I actually believe in the cartoon version's acting ability more.
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