Friday, June 18, 2010

Attractive people cast in movie about apes

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Don "The Real Deadle" Cheadle is going to star in the upcoming prequel to Planet of the Apes titled Rise of the Apes, which actually sounds (gasp) cool? Yeah, I mean it. James Franco is the lead in the film that details the rise of Caesar, an ape that is the bridge between the talking monkeys in charge of bossing a topless Charlton Heston around and the ones that fling poo at me when I wave at them in the zoo. Cheedle's role is unspecified, but since the apes are all going to be CGI, he won't be playing one of them. This isn't the big news I've come here to tell you. The big news is for a friend of mine who has a thing for Freida Pinto...and by "has a thing for" I mean "she should file a preemptive restraining order."
Pinto, who has appeared in absolutely nothing since Slumdog Millionaire other than my friend's dreams, is going to also star in the monkey movie, also probably not as a monkey. The cast is shaping up quite nicely for this little prequel, and the script has been given the kind of love that my friend wants to give to Freida Pinto. Provided that WETA (the guys behind Lord of the Rings) can make fake apes that look half as good as my friend thinks Freida Pinto looks, then we will have something on his hands. My friend wishes he had Freida Pinto on his hands. I'm done now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may not have Frieda on my hands but whatever this stuff is, she caused it. Gorillas and Pinto! Throw in Cheadle and Franco the man who's cheek bones make you wish you could work out your cheek bones... Ima see it. But not in theaters... that might make the whole sticky floor thing worse. Ok now IM done.

June 18, 2010  

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