Monday, June 21, 2010

Because Ant Man deserves a (cough) SHORT film

Avast ye mateys, it be Monday again! Blaarrrrrgggh! Why am I talking like a pirate (as in a "booty plunderer," not a Pittsburgh Pirate...because then I'd just have said "Rats, lost again")? Well, Omaha is currently in the midst of their rainy season, during which we accumulate so much precipitation that my house has now been washed away into Iowa. Is there a worse fate than to surprisingly wake up in Iowa? I kid, of course, as Iowa is far more socially and politically tolerant and has superior roads (I got mad love for you, Iowa). Can anyone tell that the relentless thunderstorms that have awoken me with rattling windows for what feels like a full month now have finally taken enough sleep from me that I'm rambling about pirates and Iowa?!

Anyway, Latino Review is far more alert and awake than I am, and they've announced a rumor that is potentially totally, massively, hugely small! Marvel Comics is contemplating introducing it's lesser characters to movie audiences via short films before bigger tentpole pictures. So you'd have characters like Luke Cage and Dr. Strange popping up before things like Captain America. Um, hello, yes please. This is perhaps Marvel's best idea since "You know what I think? I think we should make comic books, not chairs made out of horse faces!" The number one reason I'm a fan of this? You don't need to shoehorn in a cameo anymore. I liked Iron Man 2 a lot, but I thought without the Black Widow, they'd have had time to make it even better. With the flexibility of showing audiences The Black Panther without figuring out how Thor is going to end up in the jungles of Africa to meet him, Marvel has the best of both worlds. Personally, I sincerely hope this happens. Then again, you knew that.

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