Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frosty day

As could be said for almost any production out there right now, the cast of X-Men First Class is shaping up to be more attractive than the best combined features of all the people you've ever met in real life. James McAvoy is playing a young Professor X (burning question: with hair or without?), Michael Fassbender is 'lil Magneto, and Benjamin Walker is Beast. Now comes word that Marvel has cast the superhero whose incredible powers are to resist frostbite while wearing little more than a tattered bedsheet.

will be played by

Just to be clear, that's Alice Eve from She's Out of Your League playing the White Queen. That's fine and all, but can we talk for just a minute about how Emma Frost is in this? I never did read the comic book "X-Men: First Class," but what I know of the lore of the men of X suggests to me that Hooters McGee up there didn't start overpowering lords of evil with her hoo-ha until far after the "first class." She'll come in incredibly handy though, what with her amazing talent at being leggy and jiggling in the right parts. Look, I hate Emma Frost for the most part, because her power set (which is actually telepathy somewhere less than Professor X and Jean Grey and the inexplicable ability to turn into a giant diamond...yes, I'm serious) always seemed redundant and pointless. Her whole schtick too of the "sexy-but-powerful woman" is almost always downgraded to "sexy woman" and usually to "how little clothes do we legally have to draw on her." I get that men (and some women) like to see women with tiny socks turned into whole wardrobes, even if it's just a drawing, so having her in a movie where she's all visible flesh and semi-tangible blood seems great. She's just a mediocre character to me with little to offer and I want this to be a good X-movie. Yep, I'm the guy who isn't excited about this news.

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