Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look upon this image and know thy doom

Happy Wednesday, have some terror.
That's the first image from the upcoming movie Smurfs: We'll Eat Your Childhood Memories. USA Today provided this glimpse into the blue-hued hell that awaits us when we die, along with a bit of the plot, which more or less makes Marmaduke sound like Citizen Kane. Basically, as if you couldn't guess from the goblins appearing in the middle of Times Square, the blue minions of the dark lord stumble through a portal that takes them to modern day New York, where they are "confused and frightened" by the new world until they hear a pop song and they dance their troubles away. There's a new Smurf, too: Gutsy. No lie. Gutsy. And they took out the part where Gargamel wants to eat them. Just FYI, if you take out that part and all Gargamel wants to do is capture the small creatures that shouldn't exist, I'm suddenly on Gargamel's side. He seems reasonable, exaggerated hateful Jewish stereotype or not. You can thank the success of Alvin and the Chipmunks for this one. So, if you saw either of those two chipmunk movies, the coming azul apocalypse is on you.

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Blogger RamHatter said...

"Confused and frightened" by the new world? Sounds like the basis of SNL's old Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer sketches.

June 16, 2010  
Blogger Ryan said...

I kid you not, man, I almost pasted a video of that sketch. Phil Hartman 4 LIFE, yo.

June 16, 2010  

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