Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Small screen superheroics thwarted by evil genius

I've got good news and bad news, which do you want first? I can't hear you, so I'll assume good news! Marvel set up a shingle designed to create some TV material. Most of it will probably end up being animation, but some of it may be live-action stuff! Wow! Coolio! They could totally make a live-action series on some of the great characters they've created over the years who may never get to see the light of day in a movie theater! Why, just think of the rich, nuanced, original characters they can display! Like this guy:

Yeah, just a reminder, as much as I love Marvel, they once had a character appearing in their then biggest franchise named Maggot. Maggot. Let that sink in. Speaking of Maggots, Jeph Loeb is going to be the head of the Marvel TV Studio. Oh, I forgot to preface that with "here comes the bad news," but I think you picked up on that by now. Ugh. Loeb's last effort in the TV world was "Heroes." Yeah, you read that right, the single worst thing to happen to comic book adaptations since Howard the Duck has resulted in Loeb being given a big-time promotion. He'll probably come up with INCREDIBLY original ideas, like a TV show that follows a young superhero who will one day grow to be a powerful "super" man!!! Loeb is hacktastic lately, even if he has had moments of greatness in the comic book realm. I'm praying he's used more as a consultant and general overseer than direct influence on the material...because I don't like things that suck.

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