Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So...there's this...

I've been drooling at the thought of a Michel Gondry superhero movie. Say what you will about Be Kind, Rewind, it looked unique and was heartfelt, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is the best movie of the 2000s. Gondry combined with Seth Rogen as a superhero? How can this be anything other than something weird and original! I mean, even if it's a misfire, it will be a creative, strange misfire right? We're so bored with the boring, by-the-books, cross-demographic superhero movies that lean on light comedy and tell a run-of-the-mill origin story. By now, we've seen all the goofy explosions and stale zoom-in-zoom-out camera angles that reveal the "bad-ass equipment." This is Michel friggin' Gondry! What is an action sequence going to look like? I'm so pumped! Here's the trailer!

Wait...what? Who abducted Gondry? Did he die and get replaced by the guy who did Night at the Museum? Where's the originality? The playfulness? This is Christoph Waltz's follow-up to his Oscar! Where's the villainous creativity? What the hell happened?! I'll settle for terrible! Terrible doesn't bother me, but boring...oh hell no. How did this happen? Did the studio neuter Gondry (literally)? I mean, what the hell?!?!?! I'm hoping this is just a terrible trailer and nothing more, but wow does this look so generic as to be totally forgettable. Maybe there's a reason it took years upon years to get made. Lifeless. Dull. Wow. I'm depressed. Happy Tuesday, sad pandas.

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