Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You know what's strange? Hiring Conan writers.

I like Dr. Strange.
I was just discussing the character the other day, how he really stands out in the Marvel universe because, just like sensible immigration legislation, magic is rare. In DC's universe, you can't walk to your mailbox without tripping on a magician or sorcerer of some sort. Seriously, I'm half convinced there are no mechanics in Metropolis, only wizards who mystically heal cars. At any rate, Deadline is reporting that Dr. Strange will magically appear on screens soon, as Disney (God that feels weird to say still) is making their first Marvel movie. They hired Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write the film, which isn't all that encouraging because the latter guy's name is the same as the guy who helped invent the atomic bomb. Speaking of bombs, both also just wrote Conan, which looks, um, swell? No worries though, they also wrote an adaptation of a video game and a draft of Cowboys and Aliens. Although I'm jealous of their success, I fear their work. Maybe we should let one of their movies come out before giving them more work? I have this notion of Dr. Strange having some kind of "mystical firearms" and being played by Justin Bieber.

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