Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fraggle Rock's impending awfulness still looms

Remember when we discussed "Fraggle Rock" and how the talking trash heap was terrifying? I've done an informal survey, and it turns out that I'm the only person who was truly frightened. Sure, I've always granted that I could be a giant wussbag, nobody is arguing against that. But just as a reminder to everyone I asked about this:
You're okay with that? You look at that and are like, "hey, we should show this to impressionable children?" You guys suck, that thing is horror incarnate, and I want my binky after just looking at it long enough to paste it here. Anyway, you remember how the producers, The Weinsteins, have said they wanted an "edgy" take on the material? Well, don't worry, they've clarified their position: They want it "older" and "edgy." They want to target slightly older audiences, which kinda makes sense because we're the ones with the nostalgia factor. It still doesn't answer what edgy means though, at least not how their using it. I mean, does the dog finally start munching Fraggles? Do we find out where baby Fraggles come from? I mean, Fraggle genitals are fascinating and all, but really they're more compelling as an abstract thought and not actual puppet wiener. What CAN make a Fraggle movie edgy? I will be thinking about this all day. So if you see me walking along with my head in the clouds, that's all I'm contemplating.

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