Friday, July 2, 2010

Settling the score

I'm not proud of this post's headline, but you do what you gotta do, yo. A lot of famous musicians have started contributing to musical scores, ranging from Nick Cave to various Radiohead folk and even Pharrell working on Despicable Me. I think it's awesome and I'm all in favor of it. Not to take anything away from the folks who do a lot of the major score work in movies, but good Lord do they all sound alike. It's nice when new blood is injected in (like Michael Giacchino). So, it's with great anticipation that I tell you Trent Reznor is scoring The Social Network. I like it. Not because I saw the poster or trailer for the movie about nerds who made the most popular web site in the world and thought "this needs an edgy, creepy score by a guy who is best known by a lyric with a bestiality tint to it." I just think Reznor can do well at this sort of thing. That's really all. I know this is a short post, but aren't you glad you know this info now?

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