Friday, August 6, 2010

Abrams hitting the bong

I post a lot about JJ Abrams, don't I? Well the man does a lot of cool things, from awesome TV shows to awesome movies to generally being and exuding the essence of awesome. Is it a man crush? Sure. Am I ashamed? Only if you tell him. More importantly, I have more JJ news! Turns out he may be teaming up with Bong Joon-Ho, who directed the incredible Host and the not-so-incredible-but-still-interesting Mother.
Slashfilm, who did this awesome mash-up image, has some ideas about why this partnership may work. Obviously, the Korean director has a flair for the weird, but I agree that if he pairs with someone who understands mainstream sensibilities as well as JJ does, this could be a divinely inspired match. Let me toss this out there: How do we know this isn't the American remake of The Host we heard about awhile ago? Abrams loves him some rampaging monster films, and he would be the guy to help figure out how to keep the best parts of the original without simply replicating it with Americans. Bong Joon-Ho is a supreme talent on the rise, and Abrams is just the guy to welcome him to this side of the globe. Love is in the air folks. So far we have cupcakes and cinematic artist romance. What more could you want on a Friday?

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