Tuesday, August 24, 2010

But, to be fair, if you are going to have only one girl...

Happy Tuesday to ya, bloggites. Not a whole lot truly movin' and shakin' today. Mostly a lot of still and motionless. That doesn't mean we can't find something to talk about! Like, for example, Joss Whedon told Moviehole that there will be more than one set of lady parts in The Avengers. And no, not because it turns out Robert Downey Jr has extra equipment. Basically, there's only one gal known to be among Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and that's The Black Widow.

And, really, if you HAVE to stop there, you have enough divine lady-ness to probably muddle through, especially given her outfit. Thankfully, Whedon is not content with that, given that he traditionally writes bad-ass women doing bad-ass things. So what he's saying is that although we're not likely to see more superheroines, we may see more heroines, which is super. Who do I think this means? Well, I think it means we're going to see SHIELD folks like Maria Hill, more girlfriends like Sharon Carter, or more villainesses like The Enchantress, who Alice Eve is rumored for.

This is all speculation, but that's all I've got for you today. Speculation and images of Scarlett Johansson and Alice Eve. That should be good enough for a Tuesday, right?

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