Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ghostbuster 3, from the people who brought you Year One

Bill Murray swears he is not coming back to Ghostbusters 3, which he also swears isn't happening. Well, let's hope it isn't, because the dudes who wrote Year One are the ones who turned in a script for it, details of which have begun to leak like the blood from my nose whilst gritting my teeth through that aforementioned God awful caveman "comedy." I get the piss jitters just thinking about someone actually liking that movie. It fills me with rage. Anyway, so the details of the third movie that may or may not ever happen make me convinced I want this movie to never happen. As confirmed, there's going to be a "new generation" of Ghostbusters.

Presumably, they will not look like that. They will be lead by (look away if you either care or believe that this film may happen) Peter Venkman's son...who is the child from Ghostbusters 2, only he wasn't Peter's son in that movie. Yay for revisionist movie history. The other big news was that, yes Venkman is a ghost and Rick Moranis comes back. Yippee! This sounds horrid. As horrid as a movie from the evil masterminds of Year One could make. As blasphemous as it may sound, I have a suggestion: Start over entirely or leave it alone. I actually think modern effects may result in a cool Ghostbusters movie, provided someone talented and funny gets their hands on a script. So, not these guys. Until changes are made, just like Bill Murray, you won't find me getting excited about these developments.

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