Friday, August 27, 2010

I get to see you, Phillip Morris

And a happy Friday to ya, folks. Yesterday's enthusiasm has dissipated thanks to car troubles and exhaustion. I don't know what's overheating more, my automobile or my brain. Thankfully, we're going to be starting today with some good news: We're going to get to see I Love You, Phillip Morris.

Obviously, selling an offbeat blend of con men and comedy is always a little tough, but it's been made a little more complicated by the fact that, you know, Jim Carrey and Ewan Macgregor are totally doin' it in the movie. The reviews have been incredibly strong, and by God this is exactly the sort of movie that I honestly believe is desperately needed. How so? Well, just like Brokeback Mountain was just a damn good romance in addition to featuring very real aspects of homosexuality, this appears to be a damn funny comedy in addition to featuring those same aspects. I know this trailer was selling the crazy, but that scene where Macgregor says "you were supposed to protect me" just sounds heartbreaking. Roadside Attractions, long the distribution company with brains and balls, has picked this up alongside Biutiful and Winter's Bone, and I see no reason all 3 couldn't have some measure of awards-season love thrown their way. And on a personal level, it just makes me happy that there's going to be some kind of release of this material. It's insufferable bullshit that a movie with two recognizable leads, with a funny and clever premise, and with obvious critical praise and appeal has to struggle to find distribution because it features gay dudes. I'll know society has made real progress when things like this aren't even an issue anymore. In the meantime, count me in for seeing this one.

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