Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It doesn't mean what you think it means

Honestly, this may be the number one most searched blog post I have by the time I'm done writing this. So let me tell you a little about myself. Greetings, wayward perverts! I hope that this post finds you well, as I'm guessing you are at least slightly disappointed to find this large amount of words above the picture you searched for. Apologies! See, that's what I do here. I make a lot of jokes, reveal way too much about my political and personal feelings, and generally clown around every day for the entertainment of people I do not see. I hope that your interests extend far beyond the material you've come here hoping to find, as I'm sure that one cannot perform the kind of actions you were looking to perform for 24 hours a day (and if you can, you have a medical condition and not a hobby). I encourage you to check out the rest of what I have to offer and not just the following item, provided you're willing to do a lot more reading with your eyes than ogling. Anyway, welcome. Have a great time.

Carla Gugino (pictured below) is going to star in MILF.

It stands for Mothers I'd Like to Fight, and the plot is more Weeds (a Showtime show) than Skinemax. She's going to play a woman fresh out of prison looking for revenge with her fists. So, again, that's Carla Gugino is going to play a MILF. It sure is a good thing that nobody can confuse that acronym for anything else. Sigh.

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