Friday, August 27, 2010

Jaden Smith is going to fight a PANDA!

In the Karate Kid sequel Jaden Smith is going to fight a panda.
OH SNAP Little Willy, you'd best get ready, because those bears are preparing! It LOOKS like they're eating bamboo, but that's really secret panda training on blow darts. Do you see that position? That's called the "squat on the head of a superstar's son" position. They are straight going to maul you. It's going to be the most adorable disemboweling ever recorded. I'm not even going to feel bad for you, J-Smith. When they're eating your weird dreadlocks, I'm just going to be thinking "it looks like they have two black eyes and just want to be friends." I cannot believe that your father would be dumb enough to allow you to....what's that? Oh, my bad. The information is that the sequel to The Karate Kid will be written by the guys who wrote Kung Fu Panda. Wow. I really did not have that right at all. So instead of a cuddly bear rampage, we're probably just going to get more pseudo-father/son cliches and awkward pre-teen sexual tension.

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