Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good news and bad news

Good morning bloggies. I'm trying to keep this rare "good mood" I've been experiencing going by stoking the fires of my happiness whenever a little black raincloud drops some urine-tinged raindrops on my head. That means that when I drop this first piece of bad, bad news I'm going to follow it with good, good, good news. Note the 3 goods to one bad ratio. That will be the key to keeping me a "happy person," although this smiling thing hurts too much to be good for my face. So, let's do this bad news business. This man just broke my heart.
That's Paul Thomas Anderson, and don't let his delightful semi-beard and tussled hair fool you, he hurt me. See, he's probably my favorite working director right now, and he just canceled his upcoming movie. The Master was going to skewer Scientology through a dramatic retelling of how it came to be, and it was going to be epic. Jeremy Renner and Philip Seymour Hoffman were going to star, among others, but apparently it wasn't a funding issue that did them in. It was Tom Cruise's threat to put aliens in the butts of whoever made the movie. I kid. He's not really a butt alien threatener. No, the problem is actually just creative. Apparently, Anderson couldn't get past some...thing in the script. We don't know what the thing is, but apparently he didn't like it and couldn't make it work. Here's hoping he can unlock the problem and reunite his cast, but even if he doesn't, even if he crushes my stupid, tiny heart with his whole not making a movie thing, you can see why I love him. You cancel a movie because CREATIVELY it's not working? That's how you should do it.

Now, speaking of better things, this one comes from the "stuff I can't make up" department.
We're going to get a show with those guys together. Yeah, you heard me. JJ Abrams is pitching a show that several networks are bidding on that will reunite Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson as aged assassins or spies or something living in suburbia. This description of the pitch is from like the 18th kid standing in line playing grapevine, but the fact that we know for sure is that the two of them are in a show together that JJ is shopping. Yeah, you can happy dance if you want to. We'll get to my desperate "Lost" missing in a few minutes with my next post, but you have to give it up for this concept. If anything can make the wounds in my heart heal from the absence of flight 815, it's reuniting the two best parts of it. Mmmmm.

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