Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This racquet is a fart

Let's get something straight, this is obviously Superman.
As much as I detest "Mad Men," Jon Hamm endeared himself to me with one simple "30 Rock" quote featured in this post's title. He also is unquestionably the actor who looks the most like Superman. Although the world seems to want to bring Brandon Routh back, which is fine for me after his hilarious turn as a super-powered vegan in Scott Pilgrim, I personally would love to see them go older with the character, giving him a little more gravity. This is apparently still the rumor du jure, but then again, the Internets make up rumors about superhero casting like Fox News makes up attendance numbers for rallies they support. I'm not a Hamm fan, I'm not a Superman fan, but I'm a fan of this probably entirely fictional rumor. Why? Because I'm complicated like that.

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