Monday, September 20, 2010

You're not helping, Sarah Silverman.

First off, I'm living in a world where I managed to cross off most if not all of my major "to-dos" over a weekend during which the Bears went to 2 and 0. This weekend needs to be inducted into some kind of Weekend Hall of Fame. Second, Sarah Silverman is going to take all of her clothes off.
For The Waltz, the sophomore directorial effort from the talented Sarah Polley, Silverman will go "full-frontal," as she told everyone on the internets, adding validity to her claims by fully describing the scene. I love how comfortable she is with her sexuality, which is a big part of her comedy act and general appeal. I love that this seems to be for a real, artistic movie and not some quick flash for relevancy or moderate return to fame by showing off her goodies. I just wish she wasn't doing it.

Why? Because she's usually the second woman listed after Tina Fey in response to a challenge regarding how there are no "funny women" in Hollywood or in stand-up circuits. I know that some staunch feminists and many others would defend her decision to do whatever she wants with her body, and I agree in principle. It's just that a common response to Silverman's name on a list of funny ladies is "She's only funny because she's hot." That kind of sets the conversation back a bit, as you then have to defend how what makes Silverman funny is her fearlessness, including her total willingness to discuss body issues, and not just that she is in fact pretty cute. CAN she do this? Sure. SHOULD she do this? I don't know. If it leads to a new career for her exploring dramatic roles or something, maybe. But if this is a one-time, attention-grabbing thing, I hope she understands it does kind of hurt a community she was kind of carrying a flag for. That's right, I'm one of the few folks lamenting Sarah Silverman's decision to go nude. There you have it.

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