Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And you thought your winter sucked

I pretty much go apeshit for anything Spike Jonze touches (I've even considered changing my name to Ryan Zyrek in his honor...well, in his honor and because that's still how my father-in-law pronounces my last name). Even without Jonze directing, his name association with a project is enough to pump up my interest girthier than male enhancement products (too much?). Thus, Variety's news that Jonze (who, by the way, has bagged a veritable who's who of eccentric looking/acting celebs, including Karen O from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and Sofia Coppola) has acquired the rights to a novel has piqued my interest (yesssssss, I can finally cross "using the word piqued in a post" off of my list...seriously, the word is adorable...the little bottom of the "p" and bottom of the "q" face each other like they're hugging the "i"). The book, titled "Light Boxes" is not about boxes of light (well, it could be, but that's not in the plot description). The story follows a town that endures a 1,000 day winter (which I would be cool with if that was how long football season lasted). That's all we get in the way of description, beyond a note that some guy who has never directed a major motion picture (named Ray Tintor, which sounds like an upscale beverage) will be directing this. Don't worry, though, he directed two short films titled " "Jettison Your Loved Ones" and "Death to the Tinman," so I'm sure this film will be horrifyingly weird. Still, I'm excited. You could say....(wait for it)...I'm JONZE-ING for it. Bwahahahahaha.

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