Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bring on the Payne

Andrew Stewart who now writes for Variety used to be on the speech team for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where I used to do a little coaching (speech, not football...I know, shocking). Given that relationship and the fact that Alexander Payne is "Omaha's own Alexander Payne," you'd figure SOMEONE would have let me know personally that Payne is about to start shooting his official follow-up to Sideways (yes, we've had five Saw movies since we last saw a new Payne movie). Descendants follows a wealthy landowner who is hunting down his wife's lover (with his two daughters) in Hawaii. Wait, are there any parts of Omaha that could double as Hawaii?! Oh, man, there goes any chance of me getting a set visit...unless, of course, someone wants to fly me to Hawaii for a visit! Let it be known I am ready and willing to sell out (I can write my first sentence of my set report now: "The men and women behind this movie are less like humans and more like Gods, and this movie will likely cure cancer"). Payne is also working somewhat simultaneously on a SECOND project, Downsizing, which will star Paul Giamatti (along with Sasha Baron Cohen and close, personal friend Reese Witherspoon) as a man who decides his life would be better if he shrank himself. I'm a big fan of the latter description, whereas the description of the immediate project (Descendants) sounds like it could be somewhat stale. No casting yet on the Hawaii movie, but I don't care because it's shooting so far, far away (but I can be convinced to care easily, with just one plane ticket to Hawaii...I'm just sayin'). I only hope that next time, my phone rings about this information before I have to find out on some blog like the rest of you commoners (I kid because I'm not important at all).

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