Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things You Should Buy Me, Volume 3

For those keeping track at home, we have had two previous installments of Things You Should Buy Me. Volume One and Volume Two have resulted in a whopping response, overwhelming really, insofar as I have received NOTHING THAT I HAVE PROMOTED. Is it the title of the column? Does it need to be pushier? Like "Buy Me These Things Or It's Curtains For You?" Also, consider that if you give me things, there's a chance they'll end up being plugged here so that others can discover them. What I'm saying is...still no free shit. I thought everybody who blogged got free shit. Why else would people do this? Well, being the relentless optimist I am, I KNOW this is the week people shower me with the things I request. So here goes.

The three things you should buy me this week:

1.) Degobah Frog Set


Yeah, you're seeing that right. You can go to and buy me this and I can raise tadpoles into frogs with a little Yoda in an environment that is just perfect. Are you kidding me? How cool is that?! They're little tadpoles growing into frogs with a little Luke Skywalker doing his little whining on top of his little buried X-Wing. That's not little, that's HUGELY cool!

2.) Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Oh, hell yes. I've been waiting for this on my X-Box 360. I'm totally free to play it too, because nobody bought me the new Batman game either. You can team up some crazy groups in a reenactment of the "Civil War" storyline. I'll let you guess what hero I'm going to choose to lead my team (hint: it's not the blonde with the mullet on the cover). You get this at any Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or anywhere that electronics and other goods are sold that you should also buy me.

3.) Indigo Montoya hoodie

Everybody loves hoodies, but hoodies with 1990s nostalgia like this just don't come along more than once or twice a Hot Topic. Seriously, it looks like just a plain black hoodie, but then you see the chest and you're all "oh, snap, I remember that fantastic line of dialogue that is repeated by more people inside your age group than any other line in history besides anybody want a peanut, which should also totally be another hoodie." This one is at again, so you should really just hang out there for awhile and do some Ryan shopping. I'm worth it.

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