Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What you should listen to all day today

Wow, if I wasn't excited for Where the Wild Things Are before (and I was, just go back and check out my frantic salivation over this film for years now), I am totally rabid now. Thanks to Chud.com for pointing out that by going here you can actually stream the entire soundtrack for free (it's a preview, not some creepy piracy thing). It's by Karen O (of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs) and a bunch of kids, which sounds ooky, but is actually totally and uncontrollably awesome. If you don't instantly start feeling tingles throughout your body, you're a bad person who probably likes Creed. For the record, after this preview wears off, I'm buying this...or, even better, you should buy this for me. You know how people have dreams of writing for a living and having people shower them with fame and attention...I would totally consider myself successful if I could just get people to send me free preview shit. I'm a whore looking for cool swag to shill. Look, I kept this post short!

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