Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tarantino to keep Killing Bill...but not soon

I kind of missed out on reporting how Quentin Taratino told the world on some crazy foreign TV show that he's going to do a third Kill Bill film, which really can't be called Kill Bill on account of Bill being killed (both on the screen and, you know, in life). I really like this idea because, supposedly, it will follow both The Bride (Uma Thurman) and her daughter being forced to confront the problems with revenge...namely that it never, ever ends once the cycle has begun (seriously, check out any global conflict ever). So, while I want the T-man to get to this, he's said he wants to wait a few years so that there's a 10 year gap between the last film and the next one, which I'm sure Uma Thurman's joints are really excited to hear, as she'll be safely in her 40s by the time he's ready. So, what does the foot fetishist have in mind next? Well according to Variety, Tarantino is thinking of a Western or a 20s/30s gangster movie. Neither of these excite me. As to the latter, the reason is obvious...we've seen more than one Tarantino underworld/crime movie. Sure, it's what he does well, but after the revelation that was Inglorious Basterds, I'm ready to see what he can do when he, you know, tries. The former (Western) doesn't excite me because, well, that's kind of what Kill Bill was. He'd be inevitably working the same themes of revenge in there and I feel like I already know what the movie would look and sound like. Why not do something totally different, QT? Why not option a comic book or see if some crazy studio will let you take a crack at a superhero movie? Could you imagine? "This Summer, from director Quentin Tarantino: Wonder Woman." God, I would see that 200 times.

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