Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things You Should Buy Me Volume 4

To recap: I have yet been bought any of THIS, despite people's assurances that they love me. Nobody has sent me any of THIS, even so I can review it and tell everyone how awesome it is. And everybody told me how cool THIS was, but then didn't do anything about it. So, here we are again. Me, telling you all the cool shit I want. You, standing over there, reading this, and ignoring my cries for help. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I say it's supporting sports teams from Chicago. Either way, I fit the profile. Here's the top 3 things I want that you won't give me this week:

1.) Naughty Decepticons are funny
Thanks to once more for pointing out that T-shirts can be more than just places to hold spilled mustard. This one, available from, would look great on me in an L or XL, but comes in other sizes for people who you clearly love more because you buy them presents. It's only $20 bucks, cheap ass.

2.) Finally, a plush doll for my face - The guys (and I assume at least a few gals) at really are the absolute coolest. How else do you explain this?

True Love

That's a plush, huggable Alien facehugger. For the love of God, it's a tiny plush toy of the creature that impregnates your throat. That's genius. For less than $30, you can have all of the fun of having this adorable guy sit on your face. That's a bargain.

3.) It is a crime and a sin (or...a skin) that I don't have this Skin now - Seriously, how do I not already own this?

It's a Bears skin for my iPod classic. It's like $15 bucks at If you don't love me $15 worth, I'm ready to move on from this broken relationship. I want this so that others will know when they see my iPod that I am, in fact, the biggest Bears fan in the history of the world (that way they can plan what they feel is a comfortable distance to stand away from me).

Now, get to buyin'.

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