Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh. Hell. Yes.

This next bit of news makes me almost as happy as thinking about "Lost" tonight. Relax, "Losties," I said ALMOST. Still, it feels me with more glee than is forced onto the faces of ice dancers, it pumps more Joy down my throat than someone trying to kill themselves with kitchen soap, it inspires more confidence in me than too many beers. Shane Black is going to direct the Doc Savage movie. Huzzah! For those who somehow don't remember. Black directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the greatest noir film of the last decade and a movie I loved so, so dearly. Here's another clip. FYI, I still do the bit from this movie where he describes people as slightly warped famous people. I couldn't find the clip where he mentions "Native American Joe Pesci" but you get the idea from his Steven Segal description in this clip.

Seriously, I just want Shane Black writing and directing everything. That said, if I had to pick ONE thing, it would be Doc Savage. Why? He's the greatest pulp fiction hero EVER. He's got zero "superpowers" but is a "physician, surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher, and, a musician.” He's the shit. That should be the tagline. "Doc Savage. He's the shit." The thought of Black working with a character like this is just so....AHHHH!!! I love this so much. Here's what Savage looks like (at least one version) by the way.
To quote from one of my favorite fake reviewers (Neil Cumston) when he was describing Kurt Russell in Grindhouse: The man looks like he could f**k a bulldozer into six minicoopers. He's a dumpster full of dropkicks.

I cannot wait for this. Happy Tuesday!

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