Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 21)

If this column were a person, and if weeks were years, it would get totally shitfaced right now. It would drink in celebration of its friends who bought things and would drink in torment from the strangers who don't send free swag (by contacting to get an address). But it's not a person, it's a column, so there's no need to consider such things.

And now, I give you: Things I want because I'm greedy despite having a pretty terrific life at times when I'm not whiny and/or grumpy.

1.) I won't misplace this USB key - I often lose my USB key. The one I SHOULDN'T lose. The one with a whole bunch of stuff on it that is technically backed up elsewhere but would really eff up my day if I lost it. I think the reason why is that it is so small. I get the idea of portability, but I think I would lose it. I don't really fly anywhere, so I think it's safe to get me this larger USB key that I definitely wouldn't misplace.

Yep, ThinkGeek has a grenade USB. It captures all of the whimsy of violence and terrorism with my need to store data in portable ways. How can that possibly go wrong?

2.) Go ahead, tell someone you DON'T want this shirt - I'm about to show you the future of awesome. Prepare yourself, now, I don't want you to be checking this column on your mobile device while on a ladder and plummet to your death. Threadless has outdone themselves again.

Yeah, that Mr. T(iger). If you know of something cooler, you are a liar. When we are a forgotten civilization thousands of years from now, if this is all that survives, I'm cool with that.

3.) Blu-ray catch up! - I just got a Blu-Ray player not too long ago and could really, really use some movies for it. I mean, at they've got 2001 for 7 bucks! Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for less than $15?! Dark City for $10!!! I need in on this! Actually, what I need is some studio out there to realize that I will be the coolest cat in the world (given that the thing on the t-shirt above isn't real) to send promo Blu-Rays to. I will promote them, I will celebrate them....I will let them sleep in my bed. There's no reason you shouldn't do that, studios who clearly read this blog every day. I'm waiting.


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