Friday, March 5, 2010

I've officially had it with Mark Millar

As a comic writer and idea man, I like Mark Millar. I met him at the Chicago Comic-con...which I went to for research, yeah that's the ticket...and he was a cool guy. But if you put a publicist or journalist in the room with him, he develops verbal diarrhea and begins spewing lies like you took a factually inaccurate roll of Mentos and shoved it into a vat of wholly inaccurate Coke. He's a Mount Vesuvius of untruth, a planet-sized asteroid of lies, the King Kong of crap. And he's at it again. Mere DAYS after trying to convince the world that they're going to make Wanted 2 despite the fact that Angelina Jolie left AND THE STUDIO SAID THEY WEREN'T DOING IT, he's now giving interviews (which you can see at Bleeding Cool) about how he's going to direct a movie. He was "inspired by District 9" to set a genre story in Scotland that he describes as “cool as X-Men 2 was” and a “21st Century Trainspottingy kind of thing about people with super powers.” Wow. I mean, if this were real or possibly happening in any way, this collection of words I recognize from superior projects done by other people would really make me interested. Sadly, Millar plays a strange game of verbal twister, whereby he puts his right hand on District 9, his left hand on X-Men 2, and his right foot on Trainspotting before vomiting lies all over the mat. The reality of Millar actually creating such a thing are somewhere between a high-schooler's belief that he's going to get laid and Cubs fans' belief that "this is the year." I don't wish Millar ill will, I really don't. I just wish him lockjaw.


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