Monday, March 15, 2010

Jolie replaced with Downey Jr...wait, what?

Awhile back (like a week or so), we told you that Angelina Jolie was ixnaying Wanted 2 and was hopping aboard a spaceship for Alfonso Cuaron in Gravity, a movie that sort of sounds like Moon (insofar as it's about a solo space mission). Well, Jolie decided that movie didn't sound like it sucked enough, so she's out and Robert Downey Jr, who is on a hot streak hotter than skid-marks in the underpants of a lava pooper, is in. Obviously, the gender of the character isn't a pivotal issue, but it is weird to see Mike Fleming note that Downey Jr is getting a role Jolie almost had. For what it's worth, I'd rather watch Downey Jr in a one-man-acting show than Jolie flop her Oscar Meyer lips all over the screen for two hours, even though Cuaron probably would have gotten the best performance of her career out of her. In case you couldn't tell, I'm officially off "Team Jolie" no matter how many wonderful humanitarian causes she supports. She seems crazy and can't act all that well. Also, I never found her that hot. She looks like a cartoon of a woman someone would be attracted to. Thanks for visiting Ryan's grumpy Monday, try some coffee and have a bagel.

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