Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and Other "Lost" Predictions

I assume everyone else is still slowly coming down from their "Ab Aeterno" high, right? I'm still putting the finishing touches on my Nestor Carbonell tattoo (I put it on my chest, so I can make his eyebrow raise with curiosity when I flex). It's weird, because there really were only a FEW answers (and we knew or suspected most of them), but it felt like it answered so much. I seriously felt like it was waaaay more informative than it actually was upon reflection. That doesn't mean it was less of an episode. It wasn't. It was still my favorite ever.

So what have I been ruminating on the most? Well, most of it has to do with what Jacob is up to and what he knows. Here's my thoughts in handy bullet point style:
  • I feel for some reason that he and the Man in Black (MiB) are NOT brothers. I don't know why. The only evidence I have is that Flocke never really seemed to allude to his "crazy mother" showing preference for another child or anything. I know they wouldn't have dropped that info so early if they wanted us guessing the relationship of the two characters, but still...it just doesn't feel right to me.
  • The "powers" that these guys have are perplexing me. Specifically Jacob. The MiB we know can turn into a column of smoke, but he can't seem to do things like grant immortality. Why? What is the power set of these guys and how did they get it? I know that sounds like a superhero question, but it's a good one.
  • Someone brought up the brainwashing incident from back in the good old Dharma days to me. Good point! Why WOULD they be brainwashing kids with messages like "God loves you as he loved Jacob?" That's weird now that we know Jacob, right? Can this be answered with something like "humans do strange and bad things with religious stuff?" I don't know.
  • Speaking of bad stuff...Richard helped lead the purge?! It seems like something he wouldn't do given what we know of him. There's a lot of bad behavior I don't quite get. Maybe we'll find out that the MiB sometimes has a say in what's going on. That he sometimes gets a word in to the people. He was "very disappointed in all of them," so maybe he did have some involvement.
  • Jacob is good. The MiB is evil. That much we know. The religious connotations have gotten more complex. For example: although Judeo-Christian motifs are CLEARLY the most dominant, we are talking about a guy who makes his bed beneath a statue of a different God of fertility. I'm intrigued by this multi-religiosity but wonder if we won't ultimately just fall back into Christian themes. Interesting.
Okay, that's what "Ab Aeterno" left me thinking, feel free to tell me what it left you pondering. Here's what I'm thinking for this week.

Predictions for "The Package"

1.) Guess who's back, brotha? - Nevermind that his name is still in the credits despite having 2 minutes of total screen time this season. Nevermind that he is more connected to the island and time travel than any other character. Nevermind that his father-in-law is an island-seeking douchehammer. The real reason we're getting Desmond back this week is because the show is sorely lacking in "brothas." I think anyone who assumes that Desmond ISN'T behind the padlocked door in Widmore's sub (which Sawyer is apparently knows how to drive) needs to be kept inside a padlocked door in real life.

2.) Sidewinding complications - We know Jin was in a meat locker while Sayid was gettin' his murder on in sideways world. We don't know why (or care...we also don't care why). I think that it's safe to say there was something illegal going on, though...and things that are illegal may involve...cops? Could we have a scenario in which Kate is in the back of Sawyer's cop car when he's suddenly forced to divert to a murder scene involving Sayid and Jin? Could the gang be getting back together? DOES THIS MATTER? I don't hate the sideways world as much as others, but I think the miscalculation by the producers (who sometimes come off as cocky and too convinced of their own infallibility) is stretching that part of the mystery out too far. Other than Jack's initial flash sideways, none of them have seemed to have any significance. That's the sin. Maybe something feels better when they all start coming together? I can't say.

3.) Christian or I lose it - After 5 seasons of bringing this dude back in, we've ditched him faster than you can say Desmond. He was the one who gave advice to Sun. WHERE IS HE? I don't think we're going to get some kind of backstory tonight, but I think we need an appearance as soon as possible or we're going to lose memory of him. In fact, let's say this: We right now think the package either refers to what Jin was delivering in the sideways or what Widmore has locked in his sub. What if it is Christian's body in the flash sideways? Probably not, but that would be cool.

4.) Sun and Jin reuniting - It could be emotional. It would be emotional if I still cared about them, but both have been relegated to hanging around and whimpering a lot. They've been apart almost as long as they were together, making it difficult to get really weepy about what is likely going to happen tonight. I do hope that their reunion on the island involves more than Jin just sneaking away. I hope that somehow it involves multiple members of the groups interacting. Likely it won't though. It will probably just be another beach reunion with sappy music in the background. I hope Jin's first question is "WHERE THE HELL IS OUR DAUGHTER?!"

5.) Sayid kills someone - Remember, this counts in the flash sideways world too and there is a GOOD chance of more murder there. I love how wacky and creepy he's gotten on the island, and I think we may get more henchman-like whacking tonight as Flocke starts to move against Widmore. Maybe Flocke will just send Sayid over to Hydra Island and tell him to get killin'. I'd be down with that.

Okay, that's my sure to be wrong predictions. Two more things before I leave you: (1) There's no way this episode can handle the pressure of following "Ab Aeterno." It can, at best, be good not great. (2) This is a friendly warning to avoid all comments sections in other blogs, all forums, any spoiler sites, and as many places that may have info as you can. There are MAJOR spoilers out there that are totally accurate I'm sure. I'm dodging them as best I can. They are there though because people have seen them filming the last episodes of "Lost" ever. So be very wary my fellow Losties. Enjoy!

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