Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 25)

I don't know if Sean and Jonathon Fallon, the two bloggers whose identities I identified on, have been inundated with the products they relentlessly pimp, but if not they should be. Actually, if not, then why am I doing this? If an entire blog dedicated to pointing out the most awesome crap in the world can't get free awesome crap, my once-weekly begging is likely to fall on deaf ears (please, no Marlee Matlin jokes...not because I'm sensitive but because "Family Guy" already did those to death). So, if the brothers Fallon (I assume they're brothers, but they may be anything from cousins to legally wed) can let me know whether I'm wasting my time here, that would be great. Until then, it's a mere 2 months of shopping days until my birthday so I see no reason not to start your purchasing now.

Here's my list of GIMME GIMMES for this week:

1.) Coaster of death - I know it's totally not cool to make fun of natural disasters, but if it's my coaster making the joke, I'm cool with that.
Nerdapproved turned me on to this $12 item that turns the condensation from your tasty beverage into a torrent of terror for fictional denizens of the city depicted. Simulated flooding has never been more enjoyable. YOU get to experience both the delightful taste treat of whatever glorious cocktail you have in your highball glass. THEY get to suffer the fate of people not played by Jake Gyllenhaal in The Day After Tomorrow. Okay, seriously, I HAVE to stop referencing that movie. It sucks, and yet, I'm uncontrollably drawn to referencing it.

2.) The single nerdiest item I've ever pimped out - I have no place for this. I probably don't even want it. But I HAVE to show you what is the single nerdiest item in the history of nerdy items.
Again, Nerdapproved found the holy nerdvana. This is the periodic table of science fiction film and television. Yeah, you read that right. This also provides cool formulas like Avatar = Et + Matrix Revolutions + Lost in Space + XO Squad. That's brilliant. We've posted nerdy things here before, but this will straight up give you back your virginity, make Mountain Dew Code Red taste good, and give you public speaking anxiety. It's also totally beautiful. Look up on it and know the face of your (nerd) God.

3.) It is what it is - And it IS a ninja cutting your head off. does it again. That's a shirt of a ninja cutting your head off. Instant cool. I know that you could argue that proportions are way off in this shirt, but I beg to differ. That ninja is actual size. If you're trying to tell me that a 12-inch ninja CAN'T cut your head off, I'd like to see you prove it.

That's it for my weekly wants. Pretty awesome, no?

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