Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy, stupid, awesome cast

The movie once titled Crazy, Stupid Love is no longer called that. It does, however, still sport a crazy, stupid, awesome cast that is only getting crazier, stupider, and more awesomer. We already knew that Steve Carell was going to play a father whose "life unravels as he deals with spousal problems," a plot that sounds only slightly more original and specific than "a wacky couple falls in love and a misunderstanding keeps them apart." We also knew that this guy was going to be in it.

His name is Ryan Gosling, and he used to be famous. Why he isn't in more movies I simply cannot know. He's a good-lookin' fellow who used to date Rachel McAdams (+10 charisma) and got an Oscar nomination for playing a crack-head teacher. I like that he's reemerging from whatever bizarre dungeon he's been confined to for being a hunk who can act, but it's weird that he's suddenly back...in a Steve Carell movie. We also knew that Kevin Bacon and Emma Stone were included. Obligatory Emma Stone photo:

Now we know that the cast is getting even more bestester. Yeah, that's right, despite ALREADY having Kevin Bacon, the film decided to really up the ante by adding....Josh Friggin' Groban. Most of you know Groban from his whiny, girly music and his Jonas Brother-esque appearance. What you DON'T know about him is that he's also an avid MMA fighter and explosives expert. Oh, sure, he performs beautiful songs that your mom loves. But at night...at night Groban enters back-alley hobo fights and builds his own explosives. He's killed 73 men and this acting gig is just another way to convince potential opponents that he's off their game. When they're not expecting it...WHAMMO: They're Grobaned. I'm just kidding, he's a big pussy. But he is in this movie, so that's lame.

Also in the movie is Marisa Tomei, who is aging so well that I'm only marginally convinced she's some kind of nosferatu. This is her now.

She's almost 50. I think she'll likely play Carell's wife, but here's hoping that she gets to romp with Gosling. She deserves it. Plus, I buy that she'd go for him before Carell and that both would want her. This turned into a very salty post. Apologies.

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