Friday, April 30, 2010

Odin's uvula!

Why, not two days ago I was in the comic book shop, picking up the latest and greatest stories told in the Mighty Marvel Manner (seriously, if you like comics and are not reading Hickman's run on "The Fantastic Four," thou art a dipshit). The conversation turned, as it is wont to do, to the subject of comic-book movie adaptations. The quick rundown was Kick-Ass = Da ballz, Losers = Missed opportunity, Iron Man 2 = Exciting...but why all the mixed reviews? The question then became, "what comic book movie are you MOST excited about." That one was easy: Thor. I've been drooling over this flick since I found out that Kenneth Branagh was behind the lens. A friggin' Shakespearean actor/director who has NEVER done anything NEAR this magnitude being unleashed on a tale that would heavily draw from Norse mythology? YespleasemayIhavemore. Then came word that Anthony Hopkins would play Odin, which may be the best decision ever made next to presidential term limits in the light of the Bush administration. Oh and news that Natalie Portman was in it sure didn't hurt anything. I was going to post a picture of the loveliest of lovelies here, but it's I'm going to go with something even more fun.

So, long story short, my response to those comic dudes is the same as my response to you here now: I am GEEKED for Thor. More geeked now, thanks to THIS:
Yahoo Movies scored this first glimpse at the Thor in costume...and it looks goooooood. Somehow, the silliness of it (provided they've figured out what to do about the dorktastic winged helmet) was muted appropriately. Sure, we can't see his warrior skirt or KISS boots, but what we do see looks great. This has only further encouraged my belief that this movie will rule all. What say you all?

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