Monday, April 12, 2010

Ryan Reynolds will not wear a costume while shooting The Green Lantern

I'm a clever cat. See, what I did was take some information that is true and word it in a way that will entice the ladies (and dudes) who want to get all touchie-touchie on Ryan Reynolds. I made it SOUND like he's going to shoot Green Lantern nekkid. I made it SOUND like he's going to be walking around like this on set:
For the record, I don't see why I'm not allowed to rock a beard if that guy gets to. I mean, really, what's the difference between us? His name is Ryan; my name is Ryan. He loves comic books; I love comic books. He can crush a steel girder with his nipple; I can watch. Anyhoodle, Slashfilm broke the news that the reason we haven't seen a leaked shot of Reynolds in costume (beyond the fact that most people want to see him OUT of costume) is that there is no costume. Huhbuhwha? Relax. It's all going to be CGI. Huhbuhwha?! Okay, it's like this: He is wearing a motion capture suit on set, and they're going to digitally drop it in during postproduction. Slashfilm points out that they have an awesome costume designer, so there's no real reason to get all freaked out at how they're handling this. Sure, it doesn't quite feel right...but let's be honest: who cares. So long as it looks good, nobody will care how they got the clothes on the man (again, most people are worried about how to get the clothes OFF of that man). I'm actually cautiously optimistic about Green Lantern, and considering that I consider most DC Comic characters to be written and conceived at a second-grade level, that's saying something.

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