Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and other "Lost" Predictions

We're in it now, folks. Preparations are being made for watch parties. Final theories are being tweaked and shined like Terry O'Quinn's head on Emmy night. Bitching about what questions aren't being addressed has grown from a tiny tummy grumble to a full-on "FEED ME SEYMOUR" roar. It's the final 4 episodes of "Lost" before the finale, meaning if you count like a normal human and not like a producer or ABC rep, there are 5 episodes of "Lost" left. It's never enough, don't get me wrong. I'm okay leaving my Tuesday nights free from now until death takes me. That said, it's been nice to know that the end has been coming for YEARS now, and each progressing week gives us another chance to reflect and move on. As far as goodbyes go, you can't ask for a better set up. I just hope they execute.

Speaking of execution, tonight's episode has the potential to finally pull the trigger on some long-standing issues that can be resolved. There's no question that starting with "The Package," we've been moving towards a convergence of the flash sideways and the island reality. As much as the show has been a big fan of divisions between "faith" and "science," fans are now divided as to which reality is the most "real" or, more accurately, which reality will hold our beleaguered travelers in the end. Will the recently awakened folks in the flash sideways find themselves downloaded in some way into the island timeline? Will the island folks find themselves pulled with full island memories into the flash sideways? Is the flash sideways the destination for what happens after the current island battle? I think the third choice is pretty much out. I can't see the creators being able to happily give us the sideways as the epilogue for the characters. There are too many questions and it doesn't feel like the sort of resolution provided by a finale with the episode title of "The End." I think that either of the first two are valid and can be defended...but I tend to think that they will be moving FROM the flash-sideways TO the island. Here's my two major reasons why: (1) If they move from the island to the sideways, we wipe out 6 years of consequences. It's a do-over. We may as well have not watched the characters and the show we watched because those things never "really" happened. They will only exist as memories. That's stupid storytelling. The show has done some stupid storytelling before, mind you (see the first episodes of this season), but I can't see them doing this. (2) I still think that the flash sideways is going to be revealed to have been somehow orchestrated by Jacob as some kind of teaching lesson. He's a big fan of not telling people things directly, right? I think that when the consciousness that's been floating out there in the sideways downloads into our island protagonists, they will become more complete and will be able to make key decisions better. Plus, I think the real battle is going to be the sideways John Locke fighting for his body with the Man in Black. God, that would be awesome.

Okay, one more point before I get to predictions. Doc Jensen, who is throwing literary references and other materials around like he wants to hurt my brain on purpose these days, made a reference to the term "anamnesis," and I totally think he's right. The term is a Greek one and it refers to a specific kind of "remembering," one that is culled from lessons learned from a previous lifetime. Doc is using this to support a theory that is so convoluted that I can't grasp it upon three readings. Still, the word is cool and I think speaks to what's going to happen. I think the castaways are going to experience an anamnesis that allows them to defeat Smokey. Also, interesting thought: You know how much I love the purgatory angle, right (as in, it makes me want to light myself on fire a bit...but I won't because I love the show too much). What if we're thinking about it too much in Judeo-Christian terms. Plato and Socrates are much more into reincarnation (as pointed out to me by my wife). What if the island isn't exactly purgatory but sort of a holding pen for people who have fallen out of synch with "reality" and are waiting to be "reborn" in another life? It's kind of the same thing and kind of not. It makes me feel better, and that's all that matters.

Okay, enough chatter, let's get to some predictions sure to be wrong for "The Last Recruit."

1.) Sneaky double meaning! - In a literal sense, the "Last Recruit" has to mean Jin, right? Everyone else is now with Flocke's gang, even if they haven't committed to helping him. It may also refer to whoever the last holdout is, as I think Flocke is going to get his manipulate on and start convincing everyone to join in his mission. Jack may hold out...but another likely candidate to hold out is Sun. Without Jin, she's not going to do anything. I find this title very intriguing. It's probably going to be secret answer (C), someone I'm not thinking of at all. I do like the sense of mystery almost as much as I love that this is a non-individual person centric episode. Those tend to be bad ass.

2.) Come together, right now - Yep, this is the episode where everyone in the sideways winds up at the same place. We've got Sun and Jin on their way to the hospital, as is Sayid to check on his brother, Locke who just got run over, and I'm guessing Sawyer and Kate because Sawyer was in an accident when he encountered Kate. Just a guess on the last one, but they're going to all finally be together. I hope against all hopes that this somehow activates them all like Wondertwins to do something awesome, but I don't know for sure. All I know is that finally the gang will all be there.

3.) Christian, seriously, wherefore art thou? - I know this is fast becoming the new "Sayid kills someone," but I hold out hope each week that something about this character will be revealed. The most annoying part is how much they built his character in the previous seasons as though he would be central and then abandoned him quicker than you can say Evangeline Lilly. I think that with all of the island players together, his appearance can finally occur. Maybe he'll show up to help or thwart Ben Linus and Richard Alpert's quest to get high explosives? I don't really care if he shows up and reads the phone book, I just need to see this guy again, okay?! Seriously, you've devoted screen time to Claire this year and none to Christian, that's unacceptable. MY GOD, MICHAEL HAS HAD MORE SCREEN TIME THIS SEASON! Stop it!!!

4.) Jack and Flocke draw battle lines, but no blows - I think we're developing a slow burn and not an explosion between these two. Given that next week's episode is "The Candidate," in which I have to believe we see Jack revealed as the replacement for Jacob, I think we're being set up for something. I think that the two will exchange little feelers, but that Jack is going to be far less aggressive and far more complacent than Flocke is expecting. I think that as Jack morphs more into Jacob-like form, he's going to be quietly exploring his options and not freaking out with plans. I do think that the Hurley negotiation with Flocke is going to be the best part, though.

5.) Sayid kills someone - Maybe even someone important at this point. We're running out of both fodder and time. It wouldn't surprise me if he somehow took down a series regular. Maybe he'll just get his murder on in the flash sideways, where he's still armed and being followed or pursued by Keamy's men? Who knows. I just know that he feels nothing...nothing but a desire to murderdeathkill.

Okay, that's it gang. Start getting pumped up and percolating theories all on your own! Last week's discussion post was HANDS DOWN the most commented on story I've ever posted (we had something like 20 back-and-forths). Let's keep that up, yo. It's more fun almost to discuss this show than to watch it!

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