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Talk to the Flocke: Reactions to the season thus far

Before we start, howsabout a little fun? First up, you should go HERE to see some incredibly awesome images posted by an incredibly cool guy who is making a poster for each episode. How cool is that? Here are some of my favorites:

The Constant by gideonslifeThe Man from Tallahassee by gideonslifeFlashes Before Your Eyes by gideonslifeNot In Portland by gideonslife

How do you not want to own all of these? I don't even know how to get them as posters, the guy is just doing this online, but if he sold them, I would buy them. They're incredible and there are tons more at that site. You should check them out.

Next up is a cool shot from Wired Magazine.
Yep, that's a picture of Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof in front of the "big board" that they use to write stuff about "Lost." The show is done. It's been shot and is now being edited. There's no more writing to do, which is crazy. There's a ton of stuff to pick apart in the image above (big view HERE), which I find to be tons of fun because they aren't "spoilers" so much as "clues." If you don't want to play, that's fine, skip on down to the next paragraph. No harm, no foul. If you want to play a bit (and again, nobody should post anything on this site or any other that they KNOW to be a spoiler), then let's peek at the image above. If you look to the far left you'll see the episode titles and the "focus" of the episode for each episode up to number 615. What's interesting is three-fold: (1) As you can see, episode 612 was "Everybody Loves Hugo" and beneath that title is the word "Hurley," indicating he was the center. What then is the word beneath last week's episode? It's blurred by a glare (on purpose), but the word ends with "...oundelay." My guess? The word was "foundelay," meaning "Found L.A.," which is what they likely call the flash sideways. (2) The focus next week for "The Candidate" is, as everyone knew, "Jack/Locke." I find this interesting because it doesn't say "Jack/Flocke" or "Jack/Man in Black." Does this mean that internally they still call Flocke Locke? Or does this mean that we'll be focusing more on the sideways Jack and the sideways Locke? Or does this mean that there's still some Locke in Flocke? See, this is fun, right? (3) Most interesting of all, for episode 615 ("Across the Sea"), we see the majority of the "focus" is obscured. All we get is the letters "fy" or "ey." My guess? That's the name of the Man in Black. Whatever it may be. Feel free to start guessing. This image can be unpacked for hours upon hours. Go to it if you so wish. Just share your thoughts when you're done.

Okay, welcome back to you spoiler-phobes (even though we did nothing spoilery!). I'm going to do two things this week: First, I'm going to talk about my feelings about the final season so far; Second, I'm going to give you a possible "theory" of how I think things will play out. Let's get to it.

My love/hate with season six

When I'm watching the episodes, actually watching them, I have loved this season more than any other. Then, the next day, I write about the episode. I'm still loving it at this point. I discuss each and every theory and minor point, I have great conversations (real and online) that make me excited, and I generally smile a lot. Then I spend a day or two thinking about it in my head, putting it in context with all the other episodes this season. Suddenly...I like it less. Why did we spend so much time on the temple just to totally discard it? It was kind of like the Dharma cages, wasn't it? Why did they spend so much time on Dogen if we just toss him to his death? Why are we spending so much time on the flash sideways? Especially aspects that don't matter? Are the cameos from former cast members of minor note just a wink-and-a-nod? Because I don't care if we see Charlotte ever again. Why can't they answer every question that they created if they have enough time to show Jack driving around like crazy in his flash sideways? Why make Kate such an important player for 5 seasons and then dismiss her? How can the smoke monster be Christian if he appeared off-island? And so on and so on.

Here's what it boils down to: When the season started, I was on the creators side (still am). They basically were like "Hey, we can't wrap every little Hurleybird up, so you're going to have to use your imagination on some stuff." That was cool with me. I didn't need Libby's backstory, but I did need a lot of the big stuff answered. Then it became obvious that a lot of the big stuff was going to be just brushed aside. I personally like the answer for what the numbers were (the candidates), but it would have been nice to see a little more about it. I could have stood to hear a little more about what made Walt special and stuff like that. But here's the big one, and it's the heartbreaker for almost every "Lost" fan I know. Dharma...was filler. Yeah, it was. It wasn't the key to unlocking things. It was a plot device that became a side-story to fill 6 seasons instead of two. Looking at it objectively, this is a 2-season show plot-wise. The concept was to have these characters act as pawns in a game of chess between Jacob and the Man in Black (just look at the pilot knowing what we know now). Dharma was the best backstory/filler material I've ever seen, but it is now painfully apparent that it was just that: The means to an end. We're not going to see the DeGroots. We're not going to meet Alvar Hanso. We're not going to hear about how and why the Dharma initiative was created. Jacob's not going to have a hand in it. Nothing. We're going to hear nothing more about Dharma. I am so sorry, but we're not. (This is not from a spoiler perspective, remember, just my opinion).

On the one hand, I'm okay with that. This is now well within the range of what the creators were thinking when they started the show. They're telling their story now, and I like that story. I just don't like that story as much as the community story that we began telling a few years ago. See, at a certain point, "Lost" got hijacked by the fans. It got turned into a phenomenon with millions of smart, smart people speculating about what could and should happen. If you think about it: No matter how smart the creators and writers of the show are, they're nowhere near as capable as, say, a writer's room of the entire world. What I mean is, of course having 2-5 million smart people coming up with ideas would yield cooler stuff than 20-30 smart people doing the same. We were bound to be slightly disappointed.

On the other hand, I do wish they would have listened just a bit more. If they had heard a little more of the Dharma love, I think they could have had one episode to really put a big bow on that for the fans. Who knows, maybe I'm vastly wrong and one of these episodes will do that. I doubt it, though, knowing where we've been heading this whole time. Anyway, this is my overall problem with the final season: I love it and I hate it. I love so much of it (especially while I'm watching it) and I hate the regrets it makes me feel at times. Don't get me wrong, I'm judging this entire experience by the 6 years I've spent with it and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But it's fair to have these feelings. People we love can piss us off, right? Why can't TV shows we love?

My final predictions for what is going to happen

I'm going to change my mind 100 times on this theory, just FYI. But it's an off week so I figured, why not. Oh, and each week I'll be making predictions. Some of them will definitely contradict what you read below. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to, even if it makes me a liar. I love you all.

Oh, and before I forget, many people reading this will likely be receiving an invitation to our "Lost" party. We have some great costume ideas already, so it should be rad. But if you're looking for something to do on that night, there's a good chance you're getting an invite.

Okay, here goes:

1.) Desmond finishes "waking up" the 815 crew. They discuss what it means that they all remember, and they decide collectively that even though they all have things they like in this sideways world, it isn't real. Being that it isn't real, they can't accept it. They have to "go back" again.

2.) They seek someone in the know, possibly a reawakened Faraday or, more than likely, Desmond is the gateway. He seeks out Eloise and they come up with a way to return, even though she doesn't want them to.

3.) Everyone, including Locke, is shunted back to the island. This is actually what was meant by "they're coming." What we see is that each of them is a stronger person now, they are completed by the knowledge of what life would be like if "things had been different." Locke kicks the MiB out of his body, making him vulnerable.

4.) We see rapidly-aging boy Jacob again. He has a heart-to-heart with Jack. Jack decides to take over for him. This puts him in direct conflict with the Man in Black, who is now out and out trying to kill him.

5.) Widmore gets involved, trying to use Desmond to kill the Man in Black. Basically, he needs Desmond to set off some kind of charge by luring the Man in Black in his smokey form into some place that he can be destroyed with a dispersion of electromagnetic energy. Desmond does this, but at some peril to himself. Widmore saves Desmond, but dies himself in doing so, giving Desmond his approval before he dies. The Man in Black is weakened, but not yet dead. Sayid delivers the killing blow, dying himself in doing so.

6.) Jacob meets with Jack again, this time Jacob is fully Jacob. Jack is given one last test, one that involves Kate. Jack has to let Kate die. He does so and fully claims the mantle of Jacob. Jacob is released and thankful. Before he goes, he pardons the souls that were stuck on the island, and sends their spirits into the flash sideways world.

7.) Although most survivors leave, Locke decides to stay. Ben does too. Both have nowhere else to go. We leave with the idea that Jack is going to protect the island, just in case the MiB ever comes back.

Sidenote - We find out that Jacob and the Man in Black were just people who were mysteriously brought to the island themselves. I don't think we see the heavens open and I don't think we ever find out what all the "rules" stuff was about. I think it's all left wide open.

That's my best guess based on what I've seen. Not particularly perfect but somewhat inevitable (at least parts). I hope it's more complicated and cool than that, but no matter what, it's been one hell of a ride, right?

Thoughts, angry responses, passionate contradictions?

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Anonymous Andrew said...

Wrong. Dead wrong. jk.

Where do you think the Miles/Lupitus/Richard will end up?

Curiuously, I recall an early-early Lost interview where the creators were talking about the importance of the Dark Tower to the Lost story, which seemed to be one of their many lies, until this season. The books could essentially be boiled down to 'the gunslinger chases the man in black across many worlds/times'.

April 28, 2010  
Anonymous longtimereader, firsttimecommenter said...

I don't know about any theories or whatever, but I do think I know what the last scene of the whole show will be: Jack's eye as it blinks open.

April 30, 2010  

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