Monday, April 12, 2010

They have the make a crappy movie

The world hasn't seen Predators yet, but it's directed by a game named Nimrod and stars Adrian Brody as "one of the most deadly men alive." So, it has a few strikes against it. Still, things must be somewhat positive surrounding the film, because THR is reporting that Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, the Predators-penning team, have been hired to write the new He-Man movie. Other than the obvious casting of James Carville as Skeletor, the approach that will be taken to this material mystifies me. Do you do it a bit campy? I mean, this is a movie where a guy has to raise a sword into the air and yell a lame catchphrase in order to ride his giant green-and-yellow cat into battle against villains named things like Mer-Man and Trap-Jaw. You can't really take that seriously, can you? If you try, you end up with something like the God-awful Dolph Lundgren version. But if you make it too campy, too cartoony, you lose the special-effects-laden "event movie" feel that is obviously the point of making something like this. What this is going to require is a sophisticated approach that is partially tongue-in-cheek (without being an overt comedy) and partially bad-ass action (without being too serious). This is technical writing prowess is exactly why you hire the guys who have only written one movie ever (and that movie is about dreadlock-wearing aliens). I'm not saying this movie is going to suck, but I think there's a reason God hasn't allowed them to adapt this abomination over the course of the last 20 years.

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