Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 28)

Another week, another void on my shelf that I've cleared to put things that people have bought me or sent to me for free. I have received Zippo (not Zeppo, who is dead). I'm just saying that if you send an email to, I'll give you an address at which I can be reached to receive glorious merchandise. How is this not a win/win scenario? You send me stuff, I accept it. It's a beautiful relationship. Once more, I have to praise both ThinkGeek and NerdApproved, both of whom do this little song and dance better than I do...mainly because that's how they make a living. I say this without ever having been bribed by either site, which may be why they aren't inclined to bribe me.

Anyhoodle, here are the three things I want most this week:

1.) I don't have a child...but I do know some - And they would look awesome sucking on this:
No lie, this is the coolest pacifier I've ever seen...and I've seen some cool pacifiers. ThinkGeek realizes that you want your kids looking horrifying and have created just the thing to make them that way. Beyond suggesting that the vampire craze is now officially entering into ridiculous territory, this will be a great way to stop kids from using their pacifiers. When you want to wean them off of it, all you have to do is hold them up to a mirror. It's brilliant. It terrifies adults AND children. That's a win/win.

2.) FINALLY! My sleep habits are no longer freakish! - I sleep like I'm in the middle of asking a question a lot. Finally, NerdApproved has located the item I most need to sleep well.
Genius. Pure genius. Why it has taken centuries to create a pillow of this magnificence, I'll never understand. I can't imagine that this took some kind of advanced pillow technology. It simply took someone saying "hey, what if we cut a hole in it?" What if we cut a hole in it INDEED?! This brilliant doodad costs like $100. That's a lot. Thankfully, I'm worth it. Plus, if someone would just send it to me, it would cost me $0. That's cheaper.

3.) It's a tie - Sometimes, you can't choose between two amusingly cute T-shirts. Both of these make me smile. Both are from Threadless. The first is called Cowboys vs Indians.
The second is called "You've got some 'splaining to do."
The first one is better looking, the second one is funnier. Either way, you win.


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