Monday, April 19, 2010

To quote an emasculated Vader: Noooooooooooo!

Happy Monday! Prepare for a face dump. Star Wars, the most beloved franchise to ever molest its fanbase, is back to do more bad touching. As Slashfilm mentioned before, George Lucas once again tapped into the innermost psyche of his fans and determined that the best way to further stunt their mental growth and spiritual development was to create an animated sit-com version of Star Wars characters. The only thing potentially blunting the blunt force trauma to our hearts was the fact that Seth Green and "Robot Chicken" fellas were involved. It was going to be easy to ignore as stupid fun at best. Now...not so much. At Chicago's C2E2, a convention I wish I could have attended and that several beloved friends and family did get out to, Steve Sansweet (the Darth Vader to Lucas's Emperor Palpatine) was told by a fan at a panel something that anyone even passingly familiar with Star Wars would realize: Fans want more of Han, Luke, and Leia beyond novels and gross fan fiction. Sansweet replied, “And you will, in the new animation.” Wait, what? He went on to explain that "not everyone who dies stays dead in sci-fi." Oh, okay. WHAT? Then it dawned on everyone that "the new animation" may well refer to the new SITCOM ANIMATED SERIES! So, to recap, there may be a sitcom version of Star Wars that is animated and that will be the only place you can see the ongoing adventures of Han, Leia, and Luke as well as whatever characters they feel like bringing back from the dead (I'm guessing Vader and Yoda). There are often debates on what is "in canon" and what is not. This is an argument meant for nerds who like splitting hairs as much as atoms. I don't care if this isn't "officially" going to be a sequel to Return of the Jedi. If I'm watching those characters, animated or otherwise, it counts. And there may now be a laugh track. If it was unclear before, it is obvious now: Lucas will find new ways to hurt us. He's like the second most gifted abuser ever, next to this new "SNL" character:

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